Next Vision: Building to Serve 

Since its beginning in 1956, Montgomery Church has had a vision of service. As we look to the future, we are preparing to build a facility that better utilizes our property to provide even more service to our faith community and the community of Albuquerque. 


Our original (and extremely optimistic) redevelopment timeline had a renovation of the gym scheduled for this summer. Due to the issues with the neighborhood Covenant Restrictions that were established in 1952, we are having to delay the renovation. 


We have had meetings with the neighborhood to resolve the situation. While those meetings are going well, they are moving slowly.  We are working on revised plans and timeline and will communicate that out when we have a better idea of the progress being made with the neighbors. All of our summer programs will have full use of the gym, kitchen, and classrooms.   
Please continue to pray for our redevelopment project and for our leadership as we navigate through this project.

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Project Overview

Campus Redevelopment Overview

Our vision for the redevelopment of the building and grounds is to more effectively utilize the property which God has provided by creating a new facility that will be of even greater service to our church, our neighborhood, and our community.

Our present building sits on highly-desirable Montgomery Boulevard frontage, which could become 2-3 areas of commercial development.  That development would then provide funding for an extensive renovation, remodel and redevelopment of the current church facilities to include:

  • a new flexible-footprint auditorium

  • a spacious reception area

  • new church offices and conference rooms

  • a substantial remodel of the Albuquerque Christian School area

  • a day-care facility


has been given by 62 families


The campaign goal of $100,000 has been achieved. Thank you for your generosity. God is good! 


Additional contributions are being accepted for the expenses which are likely to exceed the initial goal.

Vision in the 50's

Plant new Churches of Christ in each of Albuquerque's developing neighborhoods

As Albuquerque rapidly expanded, members of the 5th and Marble Church of Christ developed a vision to plant new churches in each of the city's developing neighborhoods. 


When several families have moved into a new area, a small lot would be purchased and a modest building constructed.  Often several 5th and Marble families formed the core of the new church.  Most of the churches on the east side of ABQ took root from this vision, including the North San Pedro church.  Read more history.

Vision in the 60's

Build on a large parcel of land on the outskirts of town

As the aerial photograph on the left shows, there was little development along the brand new 4-lane Montgomery Boulevard when Bill Williams and Chalkie Huff had the vision to purchase land for a new church facility.   Even a year after Montgomery Church  opened, development along Montgomery Boulevard was still nonexistent. 


It took vision and faith to build a church on the "fringes" of the city.  However, that vision and faith have both been fulfilled as our once lonely building now sits along one of the busiest steets in ABQ, right in the middle of the highly-developed Northeast Heights.  Read more history.

Next Vision

Reimagine, redevelop, and repurpose

We are looking at the Montgomery Church of Christ building with fresh 2016 eyes and it's time for the Next Vision. 


This property, if reimagined, redeveloped and repurposed, can serve the next generation of the Montgomery family, the Albuquerque Christian School,  and the surrounding community in meaningful and positive ways.  Your ideas and questions are welcomed.

See a  slide show of design concepts 

Ideas? Questions?