In June 2015, the first annual Montgomery Mission will take place in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. Located across the border from Eagle Pass, TX, Piedras Negras is one of the fastest growing and most important cities in Mexico. As the city grows in size and industry, education has become a priority.


Over 40 of us will drive to Colegio Antonio Media, a Christian school in Piedras Negras, to engage in a construction and educational mission trip. We will help build new classrooms and athletic facilities while also organizing an after-school evangelistic program for students that are sponsored through Christian Relief Fund.


Colegio Medina was started at the site of a city dump—children were looking for food there when Jair Castillo came to the location and dreamt of starting an orphanage and school. Decades later, Colegio Medina is one of the best schools in Coahuila and the only school hailing from the Restoration Movement background.


Through small tuition fees and international sponsorship, Colegio Medina is able to offer a Christ-focused curriculum and experience that exceeds local educational standards. Many students at the school are sponsored by people who are a part of the Montgomery Church of Christ. We are excited about visiting our children!


There are many ways to get involved. First of all, you can sponsor a child! Head to to learn more about child sponsorship. Secondly, you can help us to pay for the trip. Click here or click the ‘giving hand’ icon on the top right of this site to head to our giving page. You can also join us in prayer. Contact Patrick Jones for more information.

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